Nurturing Birth & Beyond Guernsey (NBB) offers a wonderful, range of education and guided support for the parents of Guernsey and its Bailiwick.

I offer a myriad of education, preparation and support packages that are tailored to small groups or to individuals that are in their birth years (for pregnancy, through birth and the early weeks and months of parenting).

I am passionate about pregnancy, birth and parenting and have been an antenatal educator for many, many years now although NBB, (Nurturing Birth & Beyond) began in 2015.

Thank you for connecting and wanting to learn more or join the NBB community.



As a mother, a teacher and a professional birth doula I recognise the importance of the special life transition of becoming a parent.  I acknowledge the hopes (and anxieties) that parents-to-be may experience in pregnancy, surrounding birth and the postnatal period and facilitate courses that ensure a safe environment to explore making informed decisions from the choices available to you here in Guernsey. I am passionate about normality, (in birth and beyond), and this is the anchor of all topics explored although I also recognise that more importantly, positive experiences are what make positive parents and so I am guided by both the individual and the group.
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