Creating a post-natal community

‘Mothers Talking’ differs from a spontaneous chat between friends. Its structure encourages conversation and peer support to develop.

Mothers Talking is an ongoing postnatal support group for those mothers who have attended my courses and focuses on the first 20 weeks approximately.

“Talking may sound like a luxury for a new mother. But it isn’t. Few jobs, other than motherhood, leave us so alone, so unsupported, but with so much responsibility. When we become mothers, we enter a new world. There is plenty to talk about and plenty to share. Most of all, we discover the power of understanding one another. This helps us to return home feeling stronger and more confident as mothers.” (Naomi Stadlen).

This is a rolling, evolving group and we are all finding our way!

From Birth up to 6 months. Please get in touch with me,  if you would like more info or to book your space. Please note: this is currently only available to new mothers and babies that have come through NBB, BabyCalm or Doula clients.
Breastfeeding Support

This group also offers great support for breastfeeding mums. Please contact Anita if you have any questions or concerns.