Nurturing Birth and Beyond Guernsey


NBB offers a wonderful, range of education and guided support for the parents of Guernsey and its Bailiwick.  I offer a myriad of education, preparation and support packages that are tailored to small groups or to individuals that are in their birth years (for pregnancy, through birth and the early weeks and months of parenting).   I am passionate about pregnancy, birth and parenting and have been an antenatal educator for many, many years now although NBB, (Nurturing Birth & Beyond) began in 2015.

My ethos is very much on normality although above and beyond this, it is about empowering woman and their partners to have the skills and confidence to navigate pregnancy, birth and parenthood with confidence – whilst having fun!

I am a teacher by profession and this together with my passion for the visual arts, birth, informed choice and confident, calm parenting offers an eclectic mix of dynamic and effective education and positive ongoing support.  I invest in those that choose to journey with me and the feedback I have is humbling and a testament to my constructive efforts over the years to provide this.

I draw on a whole host of experiences and skills including yoga, movement, rebozo work, pregnant belly casting, maternity services liaison, breastfeeding support, Birth Crisis, Hypnobirthing, Active Birth, Birth Doula etc and a knowledge bank from having my own babies and working with over 600 couples and families over the last 10 years.

NBB offers a continuum of support which parents look back on with great fondness and return with their subsequent pregnancies.

Thank you for connecting and wanting to learn more or join the NBB community.


I have been immersed in the pregnancy, birth and parenting world since 2003, offering antenatal education since 2007 and birth doula support since 2008.  I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting all expectant and new parents with their babies over the years through the courses and groups I facilitate.

I have three young children and combine teaching and volunteering with lecturing at the islands College of Further Education.

I am also an Active Birth Teacher, Hypnobirthing teacher, Nurturing Pregnancy Yoga teacher, Postnatal Mother & Baby yoga teacher, BabyCalm consultant and the only active Birth Doula on island (supporting women and their partners throughout birth) which enhances my antenatal education facilitation (and is an incredible privilege). I have sat on the Maternity Services Liaison Committee/ ‘Maternity Voices’ for several years now (a committee made up of health care professionals and service users) where the aim is to progress and improve maternity services locally; driven by evidenced based guidelines and listening to the feedback from local women and their families.  I am also proud to be a trustee of Friends of Loveridge which is our local maternity charity whose aim is to improve the birth environment for women using the local maternity services.

Parents-to-be don’t join my courses to passively learn how to birth or how to be a parent. They actively learn over many sessions about choice, informed decision making, empowering birth and confident parenting.  They learn this from discussions with others going through similar life experiences, from listening, watching and trying things for themselves and exploring what choice means and equipping themselves with the skills to navigate the birth and parenting journey ahead.

In a typical week, I am in contact with over thirty parents-to-be and then over sixty mothers and their babies postnatally.  We once again talk, reflect, laugh, listen, cry and share the journey together.  As both a mother and an educator/facilitator, this real learning happens when we are together as a small community of birthing women and parents and take time out to pause and reflect on different perspectives of our experiences.

I am a mother. I am a teacher. I am a birth professional.

And combining my passion for all three roles, I aim to help support your experience of pregnancy, birth and raising your baby in Guernsey as a very positive experience.

Anita Davies Guernsey