Birth De-Brief Guernsey

Birth De-Brief

2 hour workshop
The local maternity services offer a birth de-brief and I would encourage you to seek this path via your healthcare provider in the first instance. However, I acknowledge that for some, speaking about your birth is something you would rather do with someone outside of the system as a neutral provider. I have trained with Sheila Kitzinger and have been a listening volunteer with the Birth Crisis network for eight years now. This does not replace more specialist provision such as GP or a psychotherapist. As a birth professional, I offer this service voluntary and it is a listening and signposting service, in strictest confidence.
Wise Woman Workshop Guernsey

Placenta Services

Please contact for information should you be considering having your placenta encapsulated or made into a smoothie following birth.
Belly Casting Guernsey

Belly Casting

This is a sculptural cast of a beautiful pregnant belly- used as a keepsake- you may choose to decorate or adorn the cast at a later date. Best from 36w+
Clsing the Bones Ceremony Guernsey

Closing The Bones

Please contact for more information on the Closing the Bones Ceremony.
Henna Belly Tattoos Guernsey

Henna Tattoo

using water for labour and birth.
This is a beautiful way to celebrate your baby bump, using henna to draw intricate design or mandala onto your belly. Best from 36w+ The henna will last for approximately 1-2 weeks.

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