For women from 16 – 42 weeks pregnant. 2 hour classes currently on Tuesday or Sunday evenings. Please get in touch with me,  if you would like more info or to book your space. (waiting lists often in place, so please book early)
The Nurturing Pregnancy Yoga classes are for all pregnant women – both beginners and those with experience although most are new to yoga.


It’s amazing to witness how these yoga-based classes can support women during the beautiful, life-changing experience of pregnancy and into and through birth.  Many parents comment on how much they miss the classes once their baby has been welcomed into their arms.


The stories and feedback received from the women in these groups are positive and empowering and in turn, motivate and inspire other mothers-to-be in the NBB, (Nurturing Birth & Beyond), community.


Whether this is your first baby or a subsequent baby, I am confident that the Nurturing Birth Yoga classes offered will help you manage the changes throughout pregnancy, connect to your baby and improve your wellbeing.


The majority of women in Pregnancy yoga groups have been recommended by previous mothers and this is something I am really proud of. Many friendships begin in these classes and the ongoing Nurturing Birth & Beyond community through our private Facebook groups and ‘Mothers Talking’ postnatal group. These supportive friendships that are nurtured through my groups and classes are often a new mother’s and babies first community of friendship and support in parenting.